LPFM Broadcast Transmitters with your wallet in mind


Budget LPFM Tx: Ramsey 25B

I used to assemble this using parts from old radios and the the BA1404A.    The Ramsey 25B is based on the same chip but with simple PLL included in the circuit.  It's a Best Buy for simple FM Broadcasting.  Just slap on a ground plane antenna.  Put it on your roof.  BOOM! At least 1 mile range.

0.5 Watts: FS Electronics CZH-05B

It's durable, good design and has great sound quality.  It's arguably the one of the cost effective and versatile solutions for a small gathering like church activities, drive in movies, museums, boy scouts camping, dormitories or having fun with your son.

PLL FM Tx: SainSonic CZH-5C

A big bang for your buck. Why? It has the basic bells an whistles like a new-generation integrated NC FM stereo radio chip by ROHM (based on the BH1415F), built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit.   And of course a sleek aluminum housing.  Where to use it? Your imagination is the limit.    

Most Recommended FM Broadcast Transmitters


Just plug it into an empty pci slot.  Install the software and drivers .  Bolt in the antenna. Plug in a usb condenser microphone. BOOM!  A fully functional semi professional fm station without tons of hardware.  This is definitely a winner for non mobile fm transmitters.

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I’d choose this over a Ramsey any day.  Rock solid signal, CD quality stereo output, fantastic looks…   Slap it with an RF amplifier, add a decent antenna, a shielded power supply, a mixer and an audio source, a great condenser mic…. and it sounds like one of the big boys.

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First the was the Max Pro 2000, then came the Max Pro 3000… and finally the MAX PRO 5000.  More power (15 W min) , improved QSonicII VCO/PLL subsystem, RS232 remote control, telemetry, new alarms and ALC. It’s definitely professional in my books at a budget price.

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